Thursday, September 2, 2010

GivE me NovaCainE

TakE aWay The SensatiOn inSide
BiTteR sweEt miGraine in My HeaD
It's LikE a ThroBing tO0thAchE oF tHe minD
I caN'T taKe ThiS feeLinG anyMore

DrAin ThE pResSure Fr0M thE sWeLLing
ThiS SenSaTioN's 0VerWheLminG
GiVe mE a LonG Kiss GoodNigHt
aNd eVeryThinG wiLL bE aLLrighT
TeLL mE thAt I woN't FeEl a ThinG
So GiVe me NovaCaiNe

0Ut oF b0dY anD 0uT oF minD
KisS ThE DeMonS OuT Of My DrEaMs
I gEt ThE FunnY FeEliNg, ThaT's alLrighT
JimMy saYs itS beTTeR ThaN aiR
I'll tEll You whaT

So Give Me noVacaiNe

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