Sunday, September 5, 2010


This are what i am planning before i start my footstep to UNIMAS

  • dean list
  • diet nak kurus??
  • new friends
  • no boyfriend and scandals
  • independent
  • future ambition
and these are what I've got for these TWO MONTHS being as student of UNIMAS

  • dean list= be..
  • xtimbang lagi, so xtahu status, either kurus or gemox
  • new friends= the best ever best friends,,always love them as my new family in unimas.. and some people from bayu, that always make me  laugh, and the gamelan...the bonang.OMG new things that i've discovered only at to awan and achik because they are the important person who introduce me to this valueable thing. and this is the only memory that will always remind me to the seven sins.
  • no boyfriend and scandals= of course.i left all my scandals and i dont even want any boyfriend since i left my matrix life. 
  • independent: yes, i did. semua benda buat sendiri. instead of my best friends who always help me. and also kak ween who always listen to my heart.
  • still in downloading new things and adapt to situations. thinking what am i supposed to be after i've ruined averything what i've planned before. 
Thank you everyone. Grateful for the experience and the teachings.

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