Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'd like to introduce you to my best friends. They are the most wonderful friends I've ever had and seem too good to be true!  I definitely don't deserve my dear best friends at all!

larian KAKOM!

KIEM<RIEN<SHY<GRAH- They are gentle. They always lift me up. They never put me down. They speak truth to me, but its good truth that makes me feel better as a person. They tells me that they sees in my depths a beautiful true self below the turbulent surface, and they keeps reminding me that person is the real me. They never let my mistakes come between us or affect our relationship. They go right on with our relationship as if nothing happened that was wrong. They actually enjoy my company; laugh at my jokes, thinks I'm worth knowing. They truly accept me as I am, yet they have this way of inspiring me to live well and with dignity and love.

i dont really remember this photo. but these is after celebrating nain's birthday.
chocolate cake made by pia. location: high school,3khas 1. 16 novembe
NAIN-I love her so much she has been my best friend since form 3. She used to park her motorcycle at my home garage. Since that I’m closed with her. And now we were in the same university, same faculty and same course. She’s the one who always help me since my first day in UNIMAS.
PIA- I met her in class. We are in the same class, same goes to nain, and I love her so much. We used to be together in school. We’ve been separate since the end of secondary school. Now, she's in UTM. Teacher to be.

wirda zuziela jungo...haha

WIRDA ZUZIELA JUNGO- I love to called her JUNGO. I don’t know why but it sounds great and grand and HOT when it combined together with her real name. She’s a bitch, but I love her because she's so retarded. bahaha. She makes me laugh whether I’m mad at her or not. I met her since the first day in UNIMAS.

kau gemok da amus! da xhot da...
lelaki idaman malaya UM!haha

AMUS- I consider him one of my best friends.  Even I’ve just close and recently met about year ago. He’s pretty epic and amazing. He’s Pia and me driver's. haha

this is the important people that always did epic things with me in FB.even i find it so hard to meet him and i do really2 wanna meet him, he always sporting for what i do and did to him. dialah yang responsible pada kegilaan aku selama ni.sangat2 open minded! he can be too sensitive too. but i love him more like i always used too
HAZIM -He's always there to make me laugh when I’m down, and he has the most creative smileys! He has the same interest with me. We extremely love the Beatles! I met him in matrix; he’s grad on the early year of matrix. haha. I’m closed with him since the last day he's been in matrix. He’s such a true and loyal friend.  He's always ready to help or encourage. He is consistently kind to me and loyal to me.  I know he'll always be my best friend.  Always. And I used to say these words to him, 
I LOVE YOU MORE! In every text I wrote. The last time I saw him, he’s wearing black shirt and blue jeans. I’ve only has 1 picture with him. And that was before he left KMM a year ago.

i heard they called him: abang muka ketat! haha

LUTFI@ LUPI- I met him when I was in primary school, and I used to have the biggest crush on him when we’re in standard six. haha. We used to share problems. Now we're just best friends and nothing more. He watches my back.  He won't let others accuse me. I don’t remember when the last day we met was. But I guess it’s been 8 years we haven’t met each other. And truly I really miss him so much. We only contact each other through YM or FB and phone. We've plan many times to met but there are always obstacles for us to meet. And I wish that I can meet him one day. InsyaAllah. And this friendship has been the most enriching friendship of my life. And by the way, his girlfriend is fucking cute!*something missing here*

with juwe ma bff. dia pun gilak jugak macam aku.
SHAFIQ- He's really my little brother that always supports me when I’m down. He is very positive towards problems. He is one of my buddies that know me well than others. He’s also my sport buddy. And yet I can talk freely with him about my weaknesses and never feel judged, only helped and encouraged. He's always willing to listen.  Really listen.  He doesn't put a lot of burdensome advice on me.  He truly cares about me and I feel like when I talk to him, he truly understands my perspective.  I never feel like he's going to get bored with me. And plus, he is fucking epic. And that always be the crazier thing that I always did together. haha

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