Saturday, November 27, 2010

get out from my life and get your own life big LOOSER!

Stop talking about my mom please! My mom is a moral women OK?! rumors just grossed and weirded my family out. You know nothing about her. So please! I'm begging you. Don't mess with us. Because you are nothing but a dreadful rubbish. I just want to ask you, you made stories just to make me feel down? and if its right, YES! You have just made it! Again! Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.  Sooner you can make another bomb stories about my mom and family. Maybe that is how you live your life. Thank you very much! My big sis and bro and my lil sis used to make this kind of joke whose punchline was, "biar muka tak cantik tapi jangan mereng! "  LOOSER! You can say whatever you wanna say. I don't mindlah LOOSER! Aku pun dah tak larat nak dengar semua rumors ni. Takkan lah aku nak tutup mulut korang satu-satu kan. Masing-masing dah besar nak fikir apa yang patut dan apa yang tak patut di buat. BUT DONT FORGET that Allah KNOWS everything, kan2?

p/s: panas weyh panas! Ya Allah, give me the strength.
Believe in yourself, Allah will never put you through anything if you cant handle it.

mood: the weather outside is raining heavily and seems to understand what i feel right now.

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