Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DOA~ healing words for the body, mind and soul

I wish I can be as strong as her, as tolerance as her, as patient as her going through all the difficulties. Experiences taught her a lot. She gave me new spirit, new dream, new strength, new attitude and new courage that everyone wanted to have it. Now I feel I am not alone suffering with lot of problems.

“Your story is quiet similar to mine. Just be patient and trust Allah. Bad phase comes in everyone’s life and after every bad phase there is always a good phase. Everything will be just fine. You will be a very happy person very soon.” 
Thank you very much babe! Love you more. I miss all the epic things from you. Heee~

I’ll try to be like what she had said to me. Dua is the main weapon. We must keep praying because HE will give us the desires of our hearts as HE has given you yours. Pray and ask Allah for help and leave everything is HIS hands. Have faith in HIM. HE will do what is the best for you. Happiness is the reward of our faith. We must have strong faith. Hopes everything will work up well because whatever happens in our lives happens for our own good. Remember Allah is the best planner!

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